CPN Funding

How CPN backed Corp Funding Works:

This option is $950 for the corp to start and 15% as a success fee out of the  $150K you recieve in 5 weeks. 

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We are a funding group that can report credit history using our own accounts with the credit bureaus. Even though we control the addition of the trade lines, we are not a trade line provider. We supply the corporation for the client to personally guarantee the line of credit. There are fifteen lenders we work with daily that provide the funding. We are the ONLY Company offering this service. The approach is simple and straight forward. We control  six companies that can report credit history to the bureaus. Once reported, these trade lines enhance your current qualified credit report and funding is achieved.


The funding is a business credit line that uses one of our base corporations and your enhanced credit report for approval. As the client, you will act as the personal guarantor for both Phases of funding for the corporation. We will use a CPN number only if that CPN is obtained from our provider. No outside CPN numbers will be accepted.


What We Do….


The landscape of corporate funding using business lines of credit has changed 360 degrees since the mid 2000’s. In addition, trade lines are being offered by everyone it seems. Each one of these ‘providers’ is offering a product that they know very little about. Thus, they usually cannot perform and the results are you losing money time and time again. The reality is without real subscriber codes from the credit bureaus, reporting payment history is not possible. 


We provide you with a new CPN or SCN:


Since 90% of clients will not qualify due to their personal credit reports being flawed, we do offer a CPN alternative, provided by a reliable & proven 3rd party CPN provider. They will assign a valid number to the client, input the CPN profile into the system, scan and validate the number and make sure all potential file ‘alerts’ of any kind are eliminated. With this new CPN, the trades will post without any issues at all. In addition, we can provide a new and valid CPN address for the client if required.


The Credit Privacy Number, or CPN, is a nine digit identification number that can be used to report financial information to credit bureaus.  This number can be used instead of an individual’s Social Security number for many types of credit transactions. Also known as a Credit Profile Number, the CPN has its main advantage when it comes to tracking credit transactions and evaluating credit history. Rather than using a Social Security number for all credit transactions, using a credit privacy number makes it easier to segregate finances in the event of identity theft, for example.


Transactions that cannot be conducted using a CPN include information given to an employer, documents submitted to the IRS, and registering a car, applying for one of  several government sponsored home loans, and so forth. Presently, federal law allows the ability for someone to legally use a Credit Privacy Number instead of a Social Security Number. Title 5, Section 7 of Publication Law 93-579 of Government Organization and Employees Act.


The present law does NOT REQUIRE you to furnish your SS# to private organizations. Credit bureaus are private businesses; therefore you DO NOT have to provide them with your social security number. They can only REQUEST your social security number if it is mandatory and even then you can fight this issue.