1. Explain 5yr. aged corporation?

It’s a corporation, so, you get much more funding in the form of business loans.

2. Does Phase 1 and 11 run together or separate?


3.Does your credit have to be swept clean before you can get a CPN?

No, your SS credit doesn’t matter for a CPN. You only need a sweep if you wanted to do this program for you on your SS credit profile, but we don’t recommend that for first time clients.

4.What determines if your funding is $60k or $150k?

Each loan is between $60k and $75k. The main thing that determines where you are in that range is age. And if you cooperate properly to get the 1st loan complete, you get the 2nd loan. So $60k is a 24 year old that we couldn’t get as nice of tradelines and who didn’t fully cooperate to get the 2nd loan. $150k is a client about 45 years old with the best tradelines who followed simple directions and we got 2 loans / LOCs for $75k each.

5.When does clock start on Phase 1?

When we start processing the file the week following our reception of the file.

6. You can get $40k-$400k so what determines the difference and how is this different from the rest of the program?

Depending on if the client has income docs and if they are find with some being credit cards: If they have no good income docs, they get $40k cash + another $60k cards if they like. If they have good income docs they get $80k cash + $400k in cards.

7. Can you get more than 2 business loans if you desire?

Yes, but the time frame gets much bigger. After the 2nd loan funds, they can make payments on those for 2 months, then we can get them 2 more for about $50k each before fees at 15% success again.

8. Can the same Individual enter the CPN Program more than one time and what are the maximum trade lines allowed or is there a limit?

After we fund the clients CPN, they may do the program again on their SS, but we may need to give it a sweep first. So you can get this a go on a CPN and a SS file. Each time, that’s $40k in 47 days then another $100k if they can wait 2 months and/or we can get them another $40k -$400k in 30 days.

So if a client can do everything twice and work in a 6 month time frame they can get the max that’s between approximately $100k and $1M, depending on the factors discussed above.

9. Can I enter the program more than once?

No and Yes. The answer is no if you wish to enter under a CPN number twice. However, you can enter once under your SS number if it qualifies and once using a CPN we assign you. This must be done one at a time, and not simultaneously. In addition, we can take the client in for a Phase III and a Phase IV round of funding 60 days later if the first 2 credit lines are being serviced and paid on time. The debt servicing/maintenance program will assure this happens. If you believe this is a service you will need, please DO NOT apply for any other credit during the 60 day period after you are funded. We will need minimum inquiries to get these additional approvals.

10. Explain in detail any and all FEES associated with this program?

There is an initial fee of $1,295.00 to cover the cost of the corporation and other associated costs. Then there is a 15% fee on the backend of each Phase of funding. Once your funds are available you’re required to pay the 15% within 48 hours. We take the 15% payment via our merchant account. Simple & easy.

11. Why would I need a CPN?

If your credit report does not qualify for us to just add trade lines to get you to the 750-780 score, you will be required to get a CPN from our provider. This is a separate entity from us altogether. We use their CPN’s because we know they work 100% of the time. The costs for these CPN’s are $900 and payable to the third party provider, not us.

12. I already have a clean and clear CPN file; can I use it with this program?

No and never. Please do not ask. We have no idea where your CPN number came from and we are not willing to get our subscriber codes flagged for fraud.

13.Do you offer trade lines for sale outside of this program?

No and never. Please do not ask.

14. What are the interest rates on the lines of credit?

Usually from 7.75% to 11.50%. The Credit Union rates are a bit higher.

15. Can you tell me who my lenders are?

We have 15 lenders in place that have funded our applications. We use 8 Credit Unions for our CPN files funding and 4 Banks for Social Security applications and funding. The exact lenders are based on which corporation we assign to the client and it’s State of registration. As for naming the lenders by name, we will not do this. That information really has no bearing on the process at all. At funding time all this information will be obviously known.

16. Is there a possibility I am not approved for funding?

No. We have never had this happen to date. If the application has any issues at all, they are resolved immediately. Since we work directly with one or two people at each lending institution, there is direct access and contact to correct any and all applications.

17. Will I be updated along the way as the process begins?

Yes, each Friday we send emails to update you and the process until funding is completed.

18. Do I have to sign the line of credit documents at the Bank/Credit Union?

No. All signings are via secured email with the lenders or by scanning the forms and sending them back. Two of the lenders may need these forms notarized.

19. What are the differences in trade lines packages A, B and C when it comes to funding?

Package “A” is designed for the younger client whose credit history and credit highs are not as seasoned as an older person. This is due to age obviously. With this package, Phase I has an average approval amount of $65,000.00 +/-. In Phase II the average is about $65,000.00 as well.

Package “B” is designed for the slightly older client whose credit history and credit highs are a bit more seasoned. With this package, Phase I has an average approval amount of $75,000.00 +/-. With Phase II the average is about $75,000.00 as well +/-.

Package “C” is designed for the older client whose credit history and credit highs are very seasoned. With this package, Phase I has an average approval amount of $75,000.00 +/-. With Phase II the average is about $75,000.00 as well.+/-.

20. How often are trades added AND can you give detail the time line to load the trades a little better?

These 6 reporting companies upload trade experiences to the credit bureaus 2 times weekly. Some companies are reporting on Tuesdays and the others on Friday. The loading is part of their overall reporting schedule which includes thousands of clients between all 6 of these companies. So within the same week all 6 lines will be added to the file. From that point the time line begins.

21. Do these reporting companies you control have regular and more traditional clients as well?


22. My current credit report seems to be okay, can I use this to participate?


23. I don’t see that you ask for my mailing/physical address, is that not necessary when obtaining a CPN?

Yes. We provide the address for now until such time that you get your funding. The reason being is that we have to make sure the CPN is not linked to any of your former addresses. And since we are investing heavily on your funding application, we don’t want to take a chance on letting you do this. We have a contract with a nationwide executive suite company that supplies the addresses we need.

24. If CPN cannot be used to register a car how can I purchase a car using a CPN?

Usually when you register a car you are going through the state Government and you will need your social. However, when you purchase a car, you are going a private company that has no right to request your social since in fact, your social is ONLY supposed to be used for IRS and matters relating to Social Security and other related government purposes. A lender just wants access to your credit file, and that’s what a CPN does.

25. How do you obtain the CPN? How do you guarantee that the CPN you issue to me is not a SSN, will not match a SSN, or belong to a deceased person or a child?

The CPN is essentially an ID number that is obtained from the credit bureaus that identifies you and ties you to their file under that name. That’s it. It’s not any different than getting a Costco card with an ID number that identifies you as their customer. Remember that the credit bureaus are independent private corporations and are not tied to the government in any way. It has absolutely nothing to do with your Social. The only thing that counts with a CPN is that it ties your name to the credit bureaus file on that name. Period.

26. It’s my understanding that a CPN is tied to the individual and not a business. How exactly will this coincide with the corporation that becomes assigned to me?

We use the corporation to get a business line of credit, using your CPN as the guarantor. And since we are able to get an 800 score on your CPN (by adding substantial trade lines, etc), the banks will lend based on that. If we go after a personal line of credit first, it will be maxed out quickly, whereas with a business line of credit, there is more room for lending without maxing out.

27. As I have done some searching about CPN’s I have not actually found anything that says they are legal to have and to use, well I have found many sites that say they are legal but site no law. Can you show me where this actually is in the law?

Again, the CPN is really just a number that identifies you and links you to the credit bureaus. Not really any different than any private company giving you an ID. For example, AARP gives you a membership card with an ID number on it. Private companies can always use this means to identify their clients….same with the CPN. However there are laws on the use and misuse of your social since this is linked to the government, IRS, etc.

28. When applying for credit with the CPN where would you give the lending intuitions that number, I have never experienced any application asking for a CPN?

They don’t ask for a CPN. A lending company just wants to know your credit file….and the CPN is their link to that file. Of course, if you give them a fake CPN and they were not able to access your credit file, then that would be useless. People tend to make a big thing out of this number…..because they confuse it with the social. The numbers are radically different….the CPN links you to the private credit bureaus, whereas the social links you to the USA gov.

29. How the Interest is Paid?

Assuming you as the client, received a line of credit of $150,000 in Phase 1, the principal and interest payments on that loan is about 1% per month or $1500.00. We have made arrangements to actually cover that amount to be paid on a monthly basis for the next 5-10 years, by having you invest $30,000 into a pre-approved Hedge Fund. This Fund will pay out approximately $1500 a month profit to you, on that $30,000 investment you made……..that’s enough to cover the monthly principle and interest payments on the $150,000 line of credit. The same is done in Phase 11, so you never have to pay the principal and interest on that loan out of your own pocket!