Fees and Time Frame

The corp whole sale fee is $950, then the back-end fee involved is a flat 15% on each Phase of funding paid after funding. The funding amounts are locked in at $75K and $75K respectively and again, the 15% is paid AFTER the line(s) of credit are obtained. After the 15% fee is paid to the company, and $30,000 is invested into the Hedge Fund, you end up with approximately $90,000 free and clear.

The Time Line

Phase I

Day 1: Client qualifies and enrolls.

Day 2-3: CPN number is assigned and the CPN credit file is perfected.

Day 3-6: We begin the trade line loading to the PERSONAL CREDIT profile. Once accepted AND approved, a trade line package of 6 trade lines are added to the credit file. The time frame is 3 to 4 weeks from the day we load the trade lines onto the credit report.

Day 6-8: The Corporation is assigned to the client & records updated to reflect the client as the 100% stock owner. Simultaneously, we are adding you do a clean and clear 3 to 8 year old corporation as Chairman/President/100% stock owner. These entities have a basic credit history. This is not of concern as our lenders are 100% going off the client’s personal credit status which we just made into 750 – 780.

Day 8-10: We double and triple check all steps that have been done so far.

Day 21-28: The trade lines are fully posted to the personal profile.

Day 22-29: We fill out the first business line of credit application, you will then sign and return it to us for submission. Or you can sign a POA (power of attorney) and we can submit the application ourselves on behalf of the corporation. At week 3 to 4, we submit the applicant’s credit application & corporation documents for approval to the selected lenders.

Day 23-30: Approval of the first $50K line of credit is in 48 hours. There will be immediate availability of funds (about 30% of the $50K) via online access upon approval. Full access to the $50,000.00 is granted once the line of credit package and passwords are mailed and received. Usually full access is 7 days after approval.

Day 24-31: We are paid our first 15% fee and the client is mailed all corporate documents for their record keeping.

Phase II

After the first round of $50K is complete and all fees are paid, we submit the second round of funding 15 days later for the final $75K. The Phase II turnaround time is only 7 to 10 days for APPROVAL & ACCESS since the trade lines and corporation are already in place.

Day 28 -35 (approx.): The second application for funding is submitted, either you sign and return to us OR we use a POA (power of attorney on your behalf)

Day 35-45: The second line of credit is approved. Client will have access to approx. 30% of the line of credit via internet access within 48 hours. Within 7-10 days the entire loan package is in the clients hands and the full credit line is accessible

Day 36-46: We are paid our second 15% fee.

These are all approximate timelines. The general idea is that the first line of credit is completed within 30 days and the second line of credit is completed in another 15 days. It is a 30-45 day process for both stages to be finalized.

The first Phase of funding is between $60,000.00 and $75,000.00. The second Phase is also between $60,000.00 and $75,000.00. Our turnaround times are 3 to 4 weeks for Phase I and just an additional 10-15 days for Phase II.

Qualifications: There are 2 conditions to meet in order to participate. 1) Your current credit report must be approved by us. -OR- If your current credit does not qualify; we will use a CPN number, only if the CPN comes from our own provider. 2) The minimum age requirement is 24 years old.

This opportunity is available by invitation ONLY, and is NOT open to the general public.