Program Overview

We supply the trade lines to increase your CPN to an 800 FICO score: 

The client has no decision in the trade lines selected. Instead, we use one of three different 6 trade line packages to make sure funding is secured. Since we know what the lenders will accept, it makes the approval process rather easy. Each client will have one of the three packages added per the terms of the agreement. Packages: Based on the client’s age, he or she is assigned a Trade line package A o r B or C. The Trade lines must make sense and seem reasonable to match the age of the client. The younger the client, the younger the age of the trade lines to be added.

Types of Trade Lines We Use: Through these Trade Line companies, we have several subscribe codes with all 3 credit bureaus. This allows us to report trade credit history. I will say this again, these are our companies and they report week in and week out. We are not brokers and we are not going through anyone else to report.

Under this umbrella, these 6 companies we control/own are able to report:

  1. Two (2) revolving trade lines
  2. Two (2) automotive trade lines
  3. Two (2) installment/personal loans
  4. Each one has been reporting to the credit bureaus from 5 to 6 years.

We provide an enhanced Corporation

The corporations assigned to the client are going to be based out of Texas, California, Florida or Delaware. Each one has just enough business credit history to satisfy our lenders standards. After all, it is the client’s credit score the lenders are looking at to determine approval, not the corporation’s credit. These corporations are from 3 to 8 years old. Their locations are controlled by our registered agent service and all the corporate records and filings are current. Furthermore, each corporation has a recognized business credit file with Experian business, Trans Union business, Equifax business, Hoovers, Dun and Bradstreet as well as Nexus-Lexis. This is crucial as it makes business verification and approval so much faster and easier.

The client retains full ownership of the company after funding. It is theirs to do with as they wish. The transfer of ownership from us to the client is done during the same time the trades are being added to the personal file.

Industries we use: These corporations are all in low risk industries. The SIC codes attached to these companies are what we call “lender friendly’, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation/Business Logistics
  • HealthConsulting
  • Professional Services
  • Holding Companies
  • Advertising/Media
  • And Internet based operations

Full Transparency: The corporations are nothing more to us then another part of the puzzle to obtain approval. We are not tied to them emotionally and only minimally financially. Once the whole process is done, the client will receive the entire corporation package. The minutes, the seal, the original articles AND the amended articles (these are updated article’s with the client as the President and 100% stock owner), and all other accompanying documents to show ownership. This will allow the client to operate the business as their own, if they wish.

Additional Perks: Every corporation has a domain address, corporate email accounts, valid listed phone number, Google presence and the standard SEO placements, a few public news releases for additional web presence, paid up registered agent service for 1 year, and a CD with 106 reproducible corporate resolutions.