LLC & Corp Funding


This option starts at $4500 for the portfolio of corps to obtain $250k in 2 weeks. It is really straight forward, the funding is in place and we move it into your name with the businesses. 

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Client retains Company to provide Business Credit Acquisition and Enhancement



  • Portfolio of five South Dakota Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Pierre, SD corporate office
  • EIN number
  • Certificate of good standing
  • 411 Directory listing

$250,000 unsecured within  7 to 10 business days, with a personal guarantor provided to pledge for the line of credit (Each of the five Nevada corporations have $250k, totaling $1.25M).

This is a no-fico program and the pg is a high net worth individual who is compensated by Clear Sky & Kapiolani Funding International, LLC and not from your credit line of $250k.

The interest rate is 7% and 30 year term. Debit cards, checks and internet banking username and password will arrive via overnight courier subsequent to acquisition.

HSBC Bank is the lending party and you can physically visit their locations or use the telephone banking options to make outgoing/incoming wire transfers or withdrawals.

Commercial real estate acquisition is a common use for the credit line and if this is not your purpose that is fine, for the credit line can be used at your discretion. In simplest terms, you can use the line credit line for whatever business purpose you use.

The personal guarantor serves as the chief financial officer on your corporation’s board of directors for the duration of the loan. No, the personal guarantor does not have access to the line of credit, only you and whatever other principals, if any, you elect.

Corporate checking account with HSBC Bank

Certified copies of original articles of incorporation

All filing and transfer fees included

Expedited processing fee included List

Resident agent address and first year’s agent fee paid in advance

Foreign registration in local state and required filing fee.