Corp and LLC package FAQs

Q1.) How does this program work?
A1.) The purpose of this program is for investors to raise capital by acquiring
pink sheet shell companies based in Nevada. Two existing line of credits are
currently in place. The first is with US Bank for $350,000. The second is from HSBC
for $400,000.

Q2.) How long does it take to receive funding?
A2.) 7 to 8 calendar days after purchase. A comprehensive package, including
corporation documents and banking atm/debit card will arrive via Fedex.

Q3.) What’s the difference between a shell corporation and shelf corporation?
A3.) A shelf corporation has had no activity. A shell company is a publicly
traded company on the over the counter bulletin. The purpose of acquiring a
shell company is to obtain the assets of the publicly traded company, whereas
a shelf corporation is simply an aged entity.

Q4.) What can I use the cash for?
A4.) General business purposes. The interest rate is 7%, 30 year term for both

Q5.) Will the line of credit be frozen when the change of ownership is noticed?
A5.) No it will not due to the company’s banking relationship and understanding
with the financial institutions involved. The banks are aware that a change of
ownership has lead to change of assets. There will be no complications from
that standpoint.

Q6.) What will be in the Fedex package?
A6.) articles of incorporate, board of directors, corporate stamp and steal,
Bank welcome package from US Bank and HSBC Bank, along with atm/debit
card and wire instructions.

Q7.) How do I know this will work?
A7.) Because Clearsky/Lisbon Capital Partners is a reputable firm specializing in corporate finance. We have no complaints with the better business bureau of Las Vegas nor the Nevada Attorney General. Clear Sky has been serving Southern CA and the nation since 2005 without a single compaint.

Q8.) Do you have references I can speak to?
A8.) No, we don’t. Our clients are affluent and are disturbed by prospective
clients contacting them about their respective financial dealings with LCP.
We have done these type of capital raising reverse mergers for businesses
across the global, especially in real estate.
The line of credit is revolving meaning once it is paid it can be used again.
The 10 points to the personal guarantor is paid directly from the bank upon
funding. That comes out to $35,000 for the first line and $40,000 for the second
line, totaling $75,000. Interest only payment. No pre-payment penalty.